Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse: Who's the terroirst now?!

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!

By Nicholas Meyeres

On November, 5th, 2009 39-year-old Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at a processing center at Fort Hood, the country's largest military installation located in Texas. Thirteen people were killed and 29 were wounded. 5 days later President Barack Obama addressed the survivors, their families, and many other soldiers who risk their lives on a sometimes daily basis for our very freedoms and way of life. He said it was, "hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy." And added, "No faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor… And for what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice – in this world and the next."

Really?!?! “Hard to comprehend”? From where I sit when someone of Middle Eastern descent stands on a table with 2 loaded handguns and shouts "Allahu Akbar!" — "God is great!" in Arabic — before opening fire on an unarmed group of individuals, it is pretty darn clear to me what his motivations are! And add to that, "U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda” according to two American officials briefed on classified material in the case who told ABC News. Not to mention, the fact that Hasan berated our involvement in the war at every chance to anyone who would listen to him on and off base, and was publically angered at his impending deployment to fight his “brothers in Allah”, as he had allegedly been heard saying.

So to say, "No faith justifies these murderous and craven acts” just simply isn’t true. And, no, it's not hard to comprehend. It was the act of an Islamic terrorist who mowed down dozens of people all because he believed he was doing the will of Allah in accordance with the Koran.

It’s that simple.

But, to add insult to injury, the President did not one time mention terror, terrorist, or terrorism when he spoke on Tuesday. What more evidence does it take for our President to admit that this was an act of terror? He did not even name Major Nidal Hasan, the terrorist accused of the killings.

But, was Hasan REALLY a terrorist?

United States Law Code – the law that governs the entire country – contains a definition of terrorism embedded in its requirement that Annual Country reports on Terrorism be submitted by the Secretary of State to Congress every year. (From U.S. Code Title 22, Ch.38, Para. 2656f(d)

It states in part, “the term ‘terrorism’ means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.” As of this act, the victims in themselves were indeed noncombatants. Meaning: Army base civilians not at that time engaged in combat. And Hasan played at very obviously premeditated, politically AND religiously motivated violence.

Independent Senator, Joe Lieberman even said "... There are very, very strong warning signs here that Dr. Hasan had become an Islamist extremist and, therefore, this was a terrorist act... In the U.S. Army, this is not a matter of constitutional freedom of speech. If Hasan was showing signs, saying to people that he had become an Islamist extremist, the U.S. Army has to have zero tolerance. He should have been gone."

So starts the ‘blame game’!

So, who is really to blame? The military for cow towing to political correctness and not profiling the shooter from the start? The CIA for not sharing important information about Hasan with the Armed Forces that they apparently had? The soldiers themselves because one of their own once called Hasan a ‘towel head’? President Bush for starting a war in Iraq? Obama for staring one in Afghanistan? Islam? Christians?... Maybe the shooter himself? No, that would be too obvious. The REAL culprit seems to be guns, according to Chicago Mayor Daley.

Here’s a quote from Mayor McDumb-ass shortly after the shooting: “Unfortunately, America loves guns. We love guns to a point where that, uh… we see devastation on a daily basis. You don’t blame a group.”

Yeah, you don’t blame a group— especially a radically religious group of terrorists hell-bent on the destruction of us and our very freedoms because their "God" told them to. And you certainly don’t blame a person who may or may not belong to a particular group that has the power to vote for you. Because, let’s face it, it’s easier to blame an inanimate object that DOESN’T vote.

But yet it was an ARMED police officer that brought this monster down eventually. And, let’s face facts, the damage would have been very much mitigated if even ONE of the victims would have been armed, as well. Unfortunately, even in the military-- unless you are in a combat situation or a Military Police Officer-- you are not authorized to carry a firearm. So the death toll was what it was.

Mayor McCheese, with all due respect, guns aren’t to blame. Guns could have AVERTED this cowardly act of terrorism and saved the day!!!

And, contrary to President Obama’s personal confusion as to how this act could have occurred, it's clear what the root of the problem truly is anyway. And I don’t even need to say it out loud. You and I both know who and what is truly to blame.

Still, thank goodness for one thing. Thank goodness the shooter was injured and taken out, but not killed. Instead, he is awake and talking as of 2 days ago. Gee, I wonder if his first words were, "Oh shit! I'm alive?!?!? Those MP’s don’t look like the virgins Allah promised me. *gulp* This can't be good...." And why? To paraphrase the infamous words of Colonel Trautman from Rambo III, “God would have mercy. WE won't."
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse: Swine Flu for you?!

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!

By Nicholas Meyeres

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of hearing about the dreaded Swine Flu, and that we HAVE to make sure we take the vaccine the Government is offering us!

Yeah, me too. But, unfortunately I feel this is just the beginning, and before it's all over, we will be in for far more than just rhetoric and fear-mongering that we are all in mortal peril because of one sick pig.

If only we could have a little perspective on things such as these, we'd be much better off. For instance:

- 36,000 people die of the seasonal flu every year in the US.
- The White House claims 1000 have died from Swine Flu so far in over 10 months in the US.
- However, that number is grossly overstated since the majority of cases where folks THOUGHT they had Swine Flu were not actually tested by their Doctors. The Doctors made the assessment that they MAY have had the Swine Flu, but the CDC says it was never proven. This larger number is the number that the President's office sites for the over 1000 people that they claim have died from the illness.
- Of those people that have died, they say 100 have been children. This is the number most often in the news; obviously preying on our duty to our children as a Nation.
- But of ALL of the cases where death occurred, ALL of the people were elderly, already had a major illness, or were children with compromised or weak immune systems.
- Not one SINGLE healthy adult has died from Swine Flu!

But even if the high numbers the White House has put out are accurate, it pales in comparison to the numbers of people that die annually because of the regular flu virus-- we need that perspective right now and not be won over by the fear-mongering, people. Afterall, it's not like this is the first time we were scared into believing that the Swine Flu would take us all.

The 1976 swine flu outbreak, also known as the 'swine flu fiasco' killed just one person and hospitalized only 13. Some recipients of the vaccine later developed Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disorder affecting the peripheral nervous system. Overall, about 500 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome occurred because of the vaccine, resulting in the deaths of over 30 people.

President Ford was acting on the advice of medical experts, who believed they were dealing with a virus potentially as deadly as the one that caused the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic. So, mass vaccinations started in October, but within weeks reports started coming in of people developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease, right after taking the shot. Within two months, 500 people were affected, and more than 30 died. Amid a rising uproar and growing public reluctance to risk the shot, federal officials abruptly canceled the program Dec. 16.

In the end, 40 million Americans were inoculated, and there was no epidemic. More technically advanced examination of the virus revealed later that it was nowhere near as deadly as the 1918 influenza virus. The only recorded fatality from swine flu itself was an unfortunate Pvt. in the Armed Forces named Lewis.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should, because much of it is mimicking what is happening 33 years later.

Take this as a warning to NOT take the vaccine today which was hastily made just like it was in 1976!

But if that wasn't enough-- for you animal lovers out there: One of the key ingredients used in ALL flu vaccines (including the vaccines being prepared for the swine flu pandemic) is the diseased flesh of African Green Monkeys. Ingredients used in the vaccine are derived from the kidneys of these monkeys who are first infected with the virus, then allowed to fester the disease, and finally, are killed so that their diseased organs can be used make vaccine ingredients. This is done in a cruel, inhumane "flesh factory" environment where the monkeys are subjected to a process that includes "incubating said inoculated cell line to permit proliferation of said virus."

And lastly, don't forget one of the most important pieces of this frightening puzzle our President is trying to put together for us: Presidential Directive 51, which was made in the closing weeks of the administration of President George W. Bush. It came after months of heated internal debate about the balance of power and the role of the military in a time of crisis, participants said. Officials said the Obama administration had left the plan completely intact.

It states among many other things: The sitting President can claim power to execute procedures for continuity of the federal government in the event of a "catastrophic emergency". Such an emergency is construed as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions." This Directive also gives the power of the President to completely cancel any and all elections in the United Sates for an undisclosed period of time of his own choosing.

The President's office has already declared America in a National emergency because of Swine Flu. It wouldn't be to difficult of a stretch to turn that "National" emergency into a "catastrophic" emergency. And then, we have a brand new problem to deal with. Don't think it could happen? Let's just hope I am the tin-foil hat wearing, Conservative nutcase Homeland Security warned you about.

The bottom line is this: If you live a healthy life-style, complete with some moderate daily exercise, plenty of liquids, and free from the things that compromise our immune systems like excess alcohol consumption, illicit drug use of any kind, cigarettes and foods we know to be harmful to us, you will likely be just fine. Even if you indulge in these things once in a while, the chances of you developing Swine Flu is still very small. And if you do get the flu, do what you normally do: get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, take TESTED medications that have been on the market for years if need be, and you will get through it like you have gotten through every other flu you have ever had.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse: Smoker's Rights?!?!

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!

By Nicholas Meyeres

Just the other day, I saw a sight that I thought I would never see again in today’s world. I watched a woman stumble out of a small, compact and crowded car as a wave of cigarette smoke billowed out after her— chasing her like a rabid dingo scavenging for raw meat. But that wasn’t the part that shocked me. It was when she rounded the back of the car to open the passenger’s side door.

She reached in (with cigarette dangling from her mouth like a limp piece of pickled asparagus) and grabbed an infant girl in her arms. The smoke not only wafted into the innocent child’s face and nose and lungs without restraint, but the red hot poker at the tip of the woman’s lips came within a mere fraction of an inch of the baby’s brand new skin.

Barring for just one second how completely inappropriate and inconsiderate second hand smoke is to all of us non-smokers, and just how deadly it can almost always be; it is frankly appalling to me in this day and age (the age of mass and very public information) that smokers even still exist!... Let alone subject their children to their addictive, noxious, and basically venomous behavior.

After all, it is common knowledge that between 70% and 90% of non-smokers in the American population- children as well as adults- are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke. It is estimated that only 15% of cigarette smoke actually gets inhaled by the smoker. The remaining 85% lingers in the air for EVERYONE to breathe. If a person spends more than two hours in a room where someone is smoking, the nonsmoker inhales the equivalent of four entire cigarettes.

Secondhand smoke is the third leading preventable cause of disability and early death (after active smoking and alcohol) in the United States. For every eight smokers who die from smoking, one innocent bystander dies from secondhand smoke. Couldn’t that be construed as grounds for manslaughter in the judicial system today? Why are smokers allowed to kill our children, and get away with it?

Unfortunately, this is all particularly disturbing since less than 20% of the entire population of the United States smokes. Yet, smokers get nearly all the protection under the law, excluding some restaurants and public facilities that have finally gotten smart and banned it from their premises entirely.

"But don’t smokers have rights?" "If we give the government the power to regulate smoking, what comes next?" "Will all of our rights as Americans be completely eroded if the smoker’s drug of choice is made illegal?" Smokers say these and many other things, and are as obnoxious as ever- especially now that we have a President that admits to smoking today. It's like they have carte blanche to engage in this behavior because our Barry does.

For the love of Pete, this is idiocy!

As the old comic book adage goes, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” But I say, “With true freedom, comes personal responsibility.” You must show restraint and consideration for those people around you especially when you engage in deadly and unwanted behaviors that effect the greater good of the majority of the people.

Therefore, we have to consistently rise to the occasion and be the best and most honorable individuals we can be as an entire people, especially for the sake and well-being of our children. They are what’s most important. They are who we must protect. After all, let’s call it for what it truly is: smoking is abuse.

Second hand smoke has been proven to be more harmful than regular smoking, after all. This is something that has been on the radio, tv and in the newspapers for years, yet people continue to smoke around their children and subject them to this "abuse".

Is this any less harmful than the lead that we find in toy products or on our walls or in our schools that we are told will kill us?

Every time a person breathes in second-hand smoke, over 100 harmful chemical agents - carcinogens and toxins are consumed. And in case you don't already know- some of these carcinogens include benzene, 1,3-butadiene, benzoapyrene, 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone and many others. The bottom line is, things like asbestos are not allowed to be used in homes today, but smoking is still perfectly legal.

Some things I will sadly NEVER understand! But in the meantime, the next time a smoker lights up in front of you or your kids; take a swig from the Big Gulp you bought from 7-Eleven that morning, swish it around nice and slobbery in your mouth (especially if you have recently eaten and still have food between your teeth); then, rear back, hock it right in his face, and say, "Gosh! I hope you don't mind my second hand spit!" That'll teach 'em! ... Or it will get you into a nice, big fist fight. Either way, now you've got their attention.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse: Christianity: The best damn protection racket around!

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!
By Nicholas Meyeres

Christianity is the belief that a cosmic Zombie Jewish carpenter who was somehow conceived without a father, but who is in some way his own celestial father born of flesh and blood to a VIRGIN; who can also make you live forever only if you symbolically eat his skin and telepathically tell him every night before bedtime that you accept his claim as lord and master over everything in creation; so he can mystically remove the invisible evil force living inside of you like an undetectable tumor all because a woman wearing a fig leaf was convinced by a talking snake to eat a magical fruit from a forbidden tree in a lush, tropical, beautiful garden somewhere in the Middle Eastern DESERT…. Do I have that straight?

Makes sense to me too!

Seriously though, Christianity is a belief system that denies all sorts of other beliefs to everyone else here on Earth, but when someone denies ours to us we are outraged, and further, we feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists anthropomorphize other life forms such as great apes as some distant cousin perhaps more intelligent than your average hillbilly uncle from the deep south, but they still have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were created from dirt, a rib, and a breath of life from an invisible man sitting somewhere in the sky spying on you when you shower. This is the "God" that gives you famine, plague, murder, rape, and United States Congressmen— not a toy train set and a dolly that wets herself on command for Christmas. No. Just all the other really, REALLY bad shit!

Which bring me to a relatively recent census report: According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, it was concluded that Christians make up 75% of the entire U.S. population. And that they also make up 75% of the prison population. While conversely, atheists and agnostics make up almost 20% of the total U.S. population, but only .029% of the total prison population.

Isn’t that just a little interesting? When we grow up being taught that a kind, tolerant, all-seeing, all-knowing, benevolent god that cares for us murders the entire population of the Earth just to "start all over" because he isn’t pleased with the outcome; it makes me wonder if our "nature" to be sinful is really all that ironic given how we were "raised" by a God with more anger management issues than a drunk at Christmas-time. God needs a 12 step program, that’s for damn certain!!! Seriously, isn't this the ultimate Nature vs. Nurture senerio? It's our "nature" to be sinful according to religious folks, but damn it!- God sure does suck in the nurture department, am I right!?!

I mean, to believe a loving Lord who would just as soon banish you to an eternity of Hell rather than allow you to think for yourself makes you wonder how honorable this dude is to start with.

Of course, then there’s the old adage that “God told me to”, which actually works out for some people. Or rather, the ones who say, “I wanted to be just like God—that’s why I killed all those people with a high-powered assault rifle from a cockroach-infested hotel room three stories up.”

But, good news! All we have to do is say to the offender, “accept God into your heart and you are saved”, or that it was all “God’s will” and thankfully we’re all off the hook from actually using our brains and figuring it out ourselves.

God is good, indeed. REAL good. And sneaky as shit!

But hey, I can’t prove the God-nonsense anymore than the average Christian can prove his claim that God IS real, so I guess it’s all a moot point in the day’s end when it’s all done anyway. After all, whether you buy a ticket for the magical Mormon underpants tour, believe in talking bushes that espouse the word of God through musical theatre, think there are entire worlds chock full of virgins waiting for you when you die, or know that Tom Cruise really IS from another planet— there are only two different people in the world. The sane, and the bat-shit crazy!

But are the religious THAT crazy? Religion seems to be a pretty smart racket, to be sure!

Several forms of rackets exist. The best-known is the protection racket, in which criminals demand money from businesses in exchange for the service of "protection" against crimes that the racketeers themselves instigate if unpaid.

Let that sink in for a minute or two.

Alright, done? Religion is the single most brilliant protection racket around!

Let’s break that definition down by the numbers, shall we?

Several forms of rackets (religions) exist. The best-known is the protection racket (Christianity), in which criminals (ministers, priests, reverends, etc.) demand money (tithing) from businesses (sinners) in exchange for the service of "protection" (the right to go to Heaven) against crimes (sins) that the racketeers (the church) themselves instigate if unpaid (you go to Hell).

"Traditionally, the word racket is used to describe a business that is based on the example of the 'protection racket' and indicates that the speaker believes that the business is making money by selling a solution to a problem that it created (or that it intentionally allows to continue to exist), specifically so that continuous purchases of the solution are always needed."

You can’t get any clearer than that!

So, when you lie awake in your bed at night wondering if you will go to Heaven or Hell when you die, remember this: Life ain’t so bad on this rock while you’re here, if you let it be. Sure, bad stuff happens to good people and hot pink Capri pants are still being sold in stores; but the sun still shines, birds still sing, healthy babies are born every day, and Ben and Jerry’s comes in 62 flavors and counting! And, if by some stretch of the imagination I am right and this is all you got, you will have wasted it all for the chance at something better that was never really there in the first place. Besides, life is short and you gotta’ lot of ice cream to try!

After all, Thomas Jefferson said, "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." And who am I to argue with one of our greatest Founding Fathers?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to the Salughterhouse: Until there are none, adopt one: Top Democrats who buy pets from breeders

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!

By Nicholas Meyeres

I was listening to the Glenn Beck radio program on the way to work this morning and heard him promoting a product as all radio personalities do in order to keep themselves on the air. But this one was different and more than just a little bit personal for me. It was an ad for Purina One dog and cat food.

Now, Glenn is the virtual cry baby of the airwaves- no one denies that. If you have ever heard his radio show, or watched his Fox News program you already know this. He is the in essence the Jerry Fallwell of the conservative talk show circuit. It doesn’t take much to get the water works a’goin’ for ol’ Glenn Beck… especially when he is talking about his beloved family of which he proudly says his dog of many years is an integral and important part of.

Glenn has talked about his dog countless times over the years and also about the benefits of his dog eating Purina One for his health and wellbeing. But he has never talked about how or where he got his dog from before now… at least, not that I was aware of. But he did today, and the verdict was simple: he was adopted from a shelter. In fact, ALL of Glenn’s dogs have been adopted from shelters, and all of the dogs he grew up with as a child have been, as well.

He went on to say it was more than a family tradition or particular upbringing, it was a part of his own sense of morality and his family's morality. And that’s why he supports Purina One. Not only is it a great product, but they are the creators of The One Hope Network, which is, in their words, “…a movement dedicated to helping transform the lives of pets… by increasing pet adoptions, volunteerism, donations and by elevating the status of all pets.”

They go on to explain on their website here:

“Are you ready to make a difference in the life of a shelter pet?...
You don't have to go to a pet store or a breeder to find your perfect pet. From purebreds to mixed breeds, puppies and kittens to already trained adult pets, there's sure to be the right cat or dog for you in a shelter nearby.

When you adopt a pet, you save a life.”

Unfortunately, on the opposite side of the spectrum you have Democratic President Barack Obama who received his dog from a breeder when all the while he promised time and again to the American people that he planned to get the "new puppy" for his girls from a rescue shelter. In fact, it wasn’t just from any breeder, it was the same breeder longtime Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy used for his three purebred Portuguese Water Dogs.

But it wasn’t just the Kennedys and Obamas that bought from breeders. Another breeder, Linda Brown, bred and sold Vice President Joe Biden (also a Democrat) his pure German shepherd puppy.

Even the Clintons are culprits.

They had their cat Socks painfully declawed before abandoning him to Bill Clinton’s secretary, Betty Currie, who lives in Hollywood, Md. The Clintons left the White House and Socks in early 2001, who died recently at the age of 18. Not only did they leave poor Socks behind, but the Clintons hadn’t even visited him since departing their former home on Pennsylvania Ave. before he passed away.

But not all was lost, and the Clintons didn’t leave the most famous address in the world completely empty-handed. They did take Buddy- (that’s right)- their pure bred chocolate lab that they bought from a breeder as they left "the cat" behind.

Incidentally and unfortunately enough, Buddy was ran over by a truck at the age of four as he was left roaming off-leash while in the Clintons' care.

Thank goodness we have conservatives like Glenn Beck who believe in animal rescue and welfare, and who is also vehemently opposed to animal cruelty. He was the one who broke the story of American hero and retired Navy SEAL Marcus Littrell’s dog being executed by multiple teenaged males recently.

Watch the moving clip from Glenn Beck's second broadcast on this tragedy here:

But he isn’t the only conservative of his kind to be kind.

If you love animals, you may shockingly have something in common with Rush Limbaugh, as well. His cat of many years, Punkin, is his pride and joy and also a rescue. Limbaugh has even made multiple PSA’s for HSUS (The Humane Society Of The United States Of America) about opposing animal cruelty, adopting shelter companion animals, and also the connection of religion, kindness, and the "faithful stewardship of animals" as he calls it to morality and personal responsibility.

Listen to the PSA’s here:

And here:

And then, you have Matthew Scully.

When you think of vegetarians and animal rights, most people automatically think of the political left which is usually associated with animal activism, legislation and environmentalism. But, this is not entirely justified— at least not in the political realm. On the conservative front you can just as easily find animal advocates like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Matthew Scully to name a few.

Matthew Scully is not only active in the political right, but he was a speechwriter in the elections of 2000 and served as a speechwriter and special assistant for George W. Bush from 2001 to 2004.

As a vegetarian, he is also the author of the highly acclaimed book "Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy" in which he draws the attention of the public eye to the fate of the billions of animals suffering and dying daily.

And then you have Executive Producer and Head Writer of the Glenn Beck Show, Stu Burguiere who is not only a conservative who opposes animal cruelty and supports rescue shelter pet adoptions, but he is a vegetarian of many years as well, just like Matthew Scully.

But don’t forget John Mccain, who co-sponsored more animal rights bills than any other Republican Senator currently in office and nearly more than any Democrat. Mccain is an animal lover who has 24 animals including six cats, two turtles, three birds, fourteen fish, a ferret and a mixed breed shelter dog he adopted named Coco.

But now to the rub.

I work at a no-kill animal rescue shelter, and have a love of animals that reaches back likely to the day I was born. I am also a conservative of many years and a vegetarian of over half my life. So, I have a personal vested interest in not just how politicians vote, but how they live their personal lives in regard to animal welfare issues, including where they get their own pets from.

The bottom line is: 5 million American pets die in shelters every year while 80% of new pets are chosen from a breeder or pet store. And with a limited number of homes available, a puppy or kitten purchased from a breeder or pet store takes the home of a rescued shelter pet. In essence, when you buy from a breeder, you indirectly murder a viable, loving, potential family member and companion to you and your loved ones that could have been adopted from any number of shelters the world over. Mostly because a majority of them don’t reside in no-kill shelters like the one I work for.

Top conservatives of the day already seem to have committed these facts to memory. That is one of the tenants of being a conservative, after all, to be personally and fiscally responsible. And what better way to embody this ideal than to see the need to adopt a pet rather than over saturate an already exploding market and contribute to even more irresponsible spending?

Just do me (and shelter pets everywhere) a favor, and spread the word to all the liberal politicians you know: please, adopt from shelters, don’t buy from breeders. The memo was apparently lost when the currier sent it to all of our high ranking democrats in office today— that goes double for you Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, Senator Kennedy, former President Clinton, and Madam Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton!

Let Adoption Be Your First Option.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse: The vegetarian conservative

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!

By Nicholas Meyeres

Recently a fugitive animal rights activist charged with bombing two California offices made news headlines. 31-year old Daniel Andreas San Diego of Berkeley, California became the first domestic terrorist named to the FBI's list of "Most Wanted" terror suspects.

Law enforcement officials and Homeland Security describe San Diego as a strict vegan who possesses a 9mm handgun. On his abdomen, he has tattooed images of burning and collapsing buildings- most likely representing his extremist outlook and personality to do harm to others.

Which prompts the question: Is there a common personality type amongst vegetarians and vegans, or animal activists in general; and are they all radicals with an agenda of terrorism toward those who disagree with them? Do they all engage in an odd lifestyle through means of their choice in diet, and unnatural love of animals?

For that matter, the same sort of extremism can be said of right-wing conservatives according to Janet Napolitano, United States Secretary of Homeland Security when she issued a newly unclassified Department of Homeland Security report warning against the possibility of violence by unnamed “right-wing extremists” concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty and singles out returning war veterans as particular threats, according to a report in WorldNetDaily.

And thus, the move to add a domestic, left-wing terrorist to the list comes only days after the Obama administration was criticized for this report suggesting some military veterans could also be susceptible to right-wing extremist recruiters or commit lone acts of violence. This prompted angry reactions from some lawmakers and veterans groups and perhaps even aided in the addition of San Diego to the list to begin with.

And this got me thinking about the common perception that vegetarians are all tree-hugging, limp-wristed, granola-munching, pot-smoking hippies, which obviously isn’t the case at all. There are common personality patterns, to be sure, but not all stereo-types are accurate. Case in point: Daniel Andreas San Diego.

So, because of San Diego, do all vegetarians have alternative and/or terrorist leanings? After all, Hitler was a vegetarian… so, does that mean all vegetarians are predisposed to support fascist dictatorships? Do all Conservatives have terrorist leanings for that matter because of the warning sent out by Homeland Security? Are all vegans or animal activists liberals? Are all republicans hunters who bomb abortion clinics?

Take this example; liberals typically do not endorse the Second Amendment as heartily as republicans do, but didn't San Diego own a 9mm?

I will say this much: Sure, the largest majority of folks on both sides are in fact in keeping to their respective stereotypes, but not all of them are. Some flat out defy the gravity and seeming logic of their individual Party's platforms in order to become their own person. Some people simply vote their conscience regardless of duty to Party.

When you think of vegetarians and animal rights, most people automatically think of the political left which is usually associated with animal activism, legislation and environmentalism. But, this is not entirely justified. On the conservative front you can just as easily find animal advocates (though, perhaps not as many). One such a conservative vegetarian is Matthew Scully.

Active in the political right, he was a speechwriter in the elections of 2000 and served as a speechwriter and special assistant for George W. Bush from 2001 to 2004. Should he be on the list of potential terrorists for his beliefs, as well? After all, he is not only an animal welfare advocate, but he is a republican associated with the dreaded George W. Bush! He should be on BOTH lists!!!

Since the 1970's Scully has been a vegetarian ever since he saw the awful pictures and images of animals suffering in the modern day animal factories. From that day forward, he decided to go meatless.

As author of the highly acclaimed book "Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy" he draws the attention of the public eye to the fate of the billions of animals suffering and dying daily. The reviews of his work were very positive and rightly so. The National Review described Dominion as "A fascinating and disturbing read." I can't do anything else but agree. He hits the nail on the head in his books and in the articles on his own homesite. Written from a conservative viewpoint, it shows that you don't have to be "progressive" to be animal friendly.

"But, Nicholas," you ask, "how can one be a conservative AND a vegetarian? Isn't vegetarianism incompatible with the hunting, environment rampaging image that any good conservative not only embraces, but proclaims proudly?"

Bottom line, hunting is and has been on the decline for many years now. The number of people who have hunted in prior years is far greater than it is today. Latent or inactive hunters are people who consider themselves hunters but who have not hunted in the past several years for all sorts of different reasons. Approximately 23 million people have hunted within the last five years according to the Southwick Associates back in 2003.

But back in 2001 the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation shows that there are 43.7 million people in the United States who have hunted at one time in their life. That's a MAJOR decline in just a few short years, and it continues to decline today. So, hunting isn't the issue at all.

In fact, for me it is a much more complicated series of issues. I am indeed a vegetarian of nearly 18 years (much more than half of my entire life) and also a proud conservative. I don't hunt, but I am very much in favor of the right to bear arms and own guns. Not because I use them on a regular basis (in fact I have NEVER used them); I simply believe in our Second Amendment right to own them- not for the sport of hunting, but because our Founding Fathers knew a time would come when we would need them for the purpose of our welfare and protection as an entire people.

Thomas Jefferson said, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves from tyranny in government."

Our collective hope is that that day will never come, but from the standpoint of our own history, our Framers felt the need to fight back the tyranny of the British Empire for their very own freedoms. So, it should go without saying that they would ensure that right to all Americans for the same purpose if it should ever come to that. After all, the Second Amendment says nothing whatsoever about our right to bear arms being for the purpose of hunting.

Which brings me to another conservative tenant: the Pro-Life movement.

The Pro-Life movement is a tricky one for many folks to wrap their minds around fully. It is a loaded term that can catch you in a multitude of personal hypocrisies that are nearly impossible to get out of if you let it. For instance, traditionally, if you are 'Pro-Life', you are likely also for the Death Penalty. Or if you are for abortion, you are against owning guns, and also predominately against war. I myself am 'Pro-Life' all the way across the board.

I am against abortion AND against capital punishment; I think war is a last option at best and should be for the purpose of the defense of our country and not for preemptive reasons; I am a vegetarian, I don't hunt, and I strongly support animal welfare issues on both sides of the political spectrum.

It may look like my views are all over the place, but it makes sense to me. I don't just support unborn fetal life, or inmates' lives-- I support ALL life! That is why I can truly call myself Pro-Life and keep my complete dignity and conviction in tact when I say it out loud to others.

Another closely held belief in the Republican Party is that of personal responsibility. And what better way to express that ideal than to not kill when it is not even necessary in the first place. If hunting is a sport, then it isn't urgent for our survival. It is not necessary. Even the Christian Bible speaks to this.

The Bible says in Genesis that we have dominion over the animals, not domination. We were not put on this Earth to control them, or subjugate them, or filet them for dinner at The Outback Steakhouse. We have "dominion": meaning, we are charged with the obligation of personally being responsible for their lives and how they are treated as they walk on our Earth.

Also in Genesis 1:30 God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food. And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given green plant for food." And it was so.

This sounds very simple to me. It sounds like we were meant to be vegetarians from the beginning of creation by these words.

To be honest, it makes more sense for conservatives to be vegetarians than anything else. After all, in their namesake, a conservative conserves. Conservation of our liberties and freedoms through our Constitution of the United States of America. Conservation of ourselves through the act of preserving, guarding, and protecting all our sentient brethren as reverent. Conservation in and of itself by not ending the existence of anything prematurely for our own personal gain, or for the gains of the State, or any other intent other than purely for preservation. Conservation of life: plain and simple.

Conservation of all life.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse: The most ethical Administration EVER!

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!

By Nicholas Meyeres

Barack Obama campaigned on promising the American people the most ethical, open and transparent Administration ever if elected. Really? Because from where I sit, it sure doesn’t look like it so far!

Let’s start with Uncle Joe Biden’s comments early on in the campaign, shall we? "Paying taxes is a patriotic duty," he said. Father Joe even made it a religious experience by making it a duty — as a Catholic:

“Catholic social doctrine as I was taught it is, you take care of people who need the help the most,” he said. “Now it’d be different if you could make the case to me that by giving this tax cut to the very wealthy, everybody else was going to be better off. We saw what happened the last eight years when we gave that tax cut.”

I’m really beginning to believe that the VP got his Catholic instruction by mail.

Leaving aside the ridiculous notion that a politician poses as a Catholic on social issues and still supports abortion, Catholics are taught to act as individuals to assist the poor. Nowhere in Catholic doctrine (the catechism) can one find the notion that taxes are required for this purpose.

But still, glad to hear it, Joe! Especially since you also hammered into us all that the "rich" would be the most patriotic of us all, and pay even more than the rest. Like, let’s say, wealthy politicians for example. They should be the first in line to lead the charge for higher taxes, and propel us into this prosperous, and most ethical Administration ever!

Uh, but no. Instead they evade their "patriotic duty" every chance they get, and expect the rest of us to not notice.

The list of excuses offered by Rep. Charles Rangel for failing to pay taxes on at least $75,000 in rental income from his luxury beachfront villa in the Caribbean grows longer and longer and longer. Now, the Associated Press takes the Harlem Democrat, who is chairman of the powerful tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, to task for inaccuracies in his personal financial disclosures to Congress. "I personally feel that I have done nothing morally wrong," he said.

Well, in that case, we forgive you, Chuck!

And who could forget, Barack’s cute and cuddly pick for Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, who didn't pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for several years while he worked for the International Monetary Fund? Oh, and he employed an immigrant housekeeper who briefly lacked proper work papers.

Those issues, and a series of other tax matters were washed away when Geithner was picked as Obama's Treasury Secretary. I mean he will only oversee the freeking IRS, for crying out loud! He then flubbed his own tax returns – some of which he had personally prepared – to the tune of $42,700 in back taxes and penalties. And then, Geithner decided to pay more than half that amount— $26,000— only AFTER Obama decided to nominate him. Obama’s team calls them all “honest mistakes”.

Of course they are. And in that case, Timmah, we forgive you, too.

But then there was Daschle. Tom Daschle says he's "deeply embarrassed and disappointed" about his failure to pay more than $120,000 in taxes. This is the guy Barack picked to head the Health and Human Services Department.

"I deeply apologize to President Obama, to my colleagues and to the American people," Tommy-Boy said recently. Oh, well that makes it all better then, doesn’t it?! "Nobody's perfect," added press secretary Robert Gibbs.

Ain’t that the truth! I know I’m sure not perfect. So, I can see that, too! But why did you "bow out" so quickly, Tom-Tom? You already apologized.

But hold on, there’s more! Nancy Killefer, failed for a year and a half to pay employment taxes on household help, and then withdrew her candidacy to be the Chief Performance Officer for the federal government.

And of course, there was Obama's first choice for Commerce Secretary, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who took his name out of consideration when his confirmation appeared headed toward complications because of a grand jury investigation over how state contracts were issued to political donors.

And then as his second pic for the post that Richardson had left vacant, Sen. Judd Gregg, became President Obama's new candidate to run the Commerce Department. The problem is, he voted in favor of abolishing that very agency as a member of the Budget Committee while on the Senate floor in 1995.

Oh…. well, I am sure they ALL really did nothing wrong in the first place. I mean just because I would be hunted down and likely imprisoned by the IRS if I "forgot" to pay even a fraction of those kinds of back taxes still doesn’t mean the new "ethical" Administration should be held accountable for their obvious lack of a moral compass. They are under such stress as it is to deliver on "the change we all need", after all, and I am sure every single one of them made actual honest mistakes… and thus, should all be forgiven.

And so should "sniper-fire" Hill for her wrong-doings- all of which I highly doubt I need to go into right here and now.

But there was SOME welcome news when another Cabinet choice, Eric Holder, was confirmed by the Senate and sworn in as the first African-American U.S. attorney general!

.... But wait, Holder's nomination initially had been viewed as problematic because of questions over his role in controversial pardons when he was the No. 2 Justice Department official under President Bill Clinton. But because of that, and just because he was also the guy that defended the extraction of Cuban refugee Elian Gonzales at gun point from his family in Miami and his return to Cuba with his father doesn’t make him a bad guy.

And come on. Even though Holder was the Deputy Attorney General who encountered controversy when, during the closing days of the Clinton Administration, he vetted Marc Rich as a candidate for a Presidential pardon, shouldn’t mean we can’t still respect the guy.

You’ll recall, Marc Rich was a fugitive from justice who had been indicted for tax evasion and illegal trading with Iran in 1983… wait. Tax evasion? Now come on! This is just getting ridiculous, now!!!

And now Holder will be the country's chief law enforcement official as head of the Justice Department.

But, at least he’s black! That counts for something, right?

…. I mean it’s not like Barack has ever lied to us. We have every reason to trust him.

Alright, enough of the sarcasm. As Barack Obama conveniently hid in Hawaii his staff released their internal investigation into the Blagojevich scandal. What does the investigation show us? It shows us that Barack Obama lied to the American people when he claimed that nobody on his staff had any conversations with Blagojevich. HE L-I-E-D! Plain and simple. Although he still claims that none of the conversations were about a pay to play deal the report does state that Obama gave Rahm Emanuel a list of acceptable replacements for Blagojevich to consider.

In later telephone conversations, Rahmbo- also with the Obama’s approval- presented other names of "qualified" candidates including Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Ms. Cheryle Jackson.

While it is entirely likely that St. Emanuel never discussed a deal with Blago and hence there was no wrong-doing, the bottom line is that Obama’s first reaction to the story was to lie about his staff’s involvement. That is just too hard to overlook. Obama’s first “crisis” or controversy and his initial reaction to it was to lie about it. If he had just come clean in the beginning it would have looked a hell of a lot better.

By lying about Emanuel’s involvement it makes him look like he was hiding something. Perhaps he is— only time will tell.

And we have PLENTY of time; we’re only into the first 2 weeks of his new and improved, most ethical Administration ever! …. My ass!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse: Barack HUSSEIN Obama = censorship!

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!

By Nicholas Meyeres

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," Barack Obama told top GOP leaders recently, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package- which by the way, will eventually cost more than EVERY single war America has EVER fought since this country has existed.... but I digress. Shortly afterward Limbaugh retorted, "If I wanted Obama to succeed, I'd be happy the Republicans have laid down. I don't want this to work. So I'm thinking of replying to this guy, say 'okay, I'll send you a response, but I don't need 400 words, I need four: I hope he fails'."

Fair enough. But that isn't where the story ends. Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill that they need to "quit listening" to Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and his new administration. A-WHAT!?!?

Pardon me. Are they saying what I think they're saying??? No. Gawd, no.... don't let us go down this road.... I am begging you. Please. Not in America.... not here. Not now.

But yes, it is true.... the petition went out of the White House late yesterday afternoon, January 27th, 2009- "The Day Freedom Died"!

But first, let's be clear about one thing right away; the same people that think it's "cool" for the President of the freeking UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to convince The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to launch an online petition against Rush Limbaugh for hoping he "fails" are the same douche bags that thought it was just aces for the Dixie C*nts... uh, er... Chicks to call President Bush a "Dumb f---"!

The Dixie Chick's movie "Shut Up and Sing" shows the singers watching a news report on President Bush's reaction to their infamous on-stage comment, overseas no less. In the report, Bush says "the Dixie Chicks are free to speak their mind," adding, "they shouldn't have their feelings hurt just because some people don't want to buy their records when they speak out. You know, freedom is a two-way street." After watching this footage, Maines then repeats the president's comment and says, "What a dumb f---." She then looks into the camera, as if addressing Bush himself, and reiterates, "You're a dumb f---." Classy ladies, real classy. No, there's no bias or double standard there at all... nooooo. Not at all, sir.

Bush understood that freedom is a "two-way street", why can't Hussein.... oh golly. I am sorry, did I really say that? I got the memo, but I forgot.... I must be temporarily retarded today. That's right, we can't use that name anymore, can we.... well, f*ck it! Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama!!! HUSSEIN! HUSSEIN!! HUSSEIN!!!

This is America, people! Where our very FIRST Amendment states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Read it. Learn it. Believe it. And deal with it!

Rush will NOT be silenced. Not now, not ever. And if he is, then EVERYTHING we ever thought about Barack HUSSEIN Obama was all true!!! And then, the rebellion will truly begin! IF Rush is censored, or God forbid, taken off of the air completely; it will amount to nothing shy of a fascist dictator's vendetta to silence all that oppose he and his ilk. And I swear to you ALL-- mark my words-- this time, change WILL come... but not the kind you all hoped and prayed for.

As for what Rush said: RIGHT ON, RUSH! If Socialist policies, Communistic tendencies, down-right blatant Fascism, a new kind of American dictatorship, corporatism and crapping on the Constitution and our 1st Amendment Rights as freedom-loving Americans is what he stands for.... I hope he fails, too!!!!

.... I just hope we don't all have to fail right along with him....
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse: Can you spot the REAL racist Party?! Part II

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, America!!

By Nicholas Meyeres

The Republican Party was born out of the very people that allowed for Abraham Lincoln to become one of our greatest, if not our very greatest champion of equal rights to people of all color. They started as the “Anti-Slavery Party”, and in the early 1850’s the Republican Party was conceived by anti-slavery activists and individuals who met for the first time in a tiny school house in Ripon, Wisconsin. Their motto was, “For Liberty and against human bondage.”

But that wasn’t all they stood for. The new party put forward a vision of modernizing the entire United States — emphasizing higher education, banking, railroads, industry and cities. In fact, it is little known that The Republican Party founded ALL of the historical black Colleges and Universities in the Nation. A fact, they probably don't teach in those same colleges today.

It was the Republicans who also started the NAACP and affirmative action with Republican President Richard Nixon‘s 1969 Philadelphia Plan (crafted by black Republican Art Fletcher) that set the nation‘s first goals and timetables into play. Although affirmative action now has been turned by the Democrats into an unfair quota system, affirmative action was begun by Nixon to counter the harm caused to blacks when Democrat President Woodrow Wilson in 1912 kicked all of the blacks out of federal government jobs.

And, it was Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower who pushed to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957 to desegregate schools. President Eisenhower also appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to the U.S. Supreme Court which resulted in the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision ending school segregation. President Eisenhower actually took action to effectively end segregation in the military, and under Executive Order 10730, Eisenhower placed the Arkansas National Guard under Federal control and sent Army troops to escort nine black students into an all-white public school.

And don’t forget, it was the Republicans who fought to free blacks from slavery and amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom (13th Amendment), citizenship (14th Amendment) and the right to vote (15th Amendment). Republicans passed the civil rights laws of the 1860's, including the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867 that was designed to establish a new government system in the Democrat-controlled South, one that was actually fair to blacks.

Not to mention, President George W. Bush has appointed a more diverse set of top advisers, including women, blacks, and Hispanics, than any president in the history of America. He even named his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, to be the first female African-American secretary of State. But, of course, many on the left today still call him "racist" for his slow call to action during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

In comparison, it was Sen. Ben Tillman, another Democrat, who said in 1906, “Republicanism means Negro equality, while the Democratic Party means that the white man is supreme. That is why we Southerners are all Democrats."

Even the ‘liberal’ New York Times got into the action on May 10, 1900 saying, “. . . The Republican Party committed a great public crime when it gave the right of suffrage to the blacks. . . . So long as the Fifteenth Amendment stands, the menace of the rule of the blacks will impend, and the safeguards against it must be maintained."

But don’t forget it was Franklin Roosevelt, the long time hero and standard bearer of the Democrat Party, who headed up and implemented one of the most horrible racist policies of the 20th Century – the Japanese Internment Camps during World War II.
Roosevelt also appointed two notorious segregationists to the United States Supreme Court. Roosevelt appointed South Carolina segregationist Democrat Jimmy Byrnes to the court. Roosevelt later made Byrnes a top advisor, where the segregationist earned the nickname “assistant president.” Byrnes was Roosevelt’s second choice behind Harry Truman for the VP nod in his 1944 reelection bid. Roosevelt also appointed segregationist Democrat Senator Hugo Black of Alabama to the court. Black was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan with a notorious record of racism himself.

And then there was Senator Robert Byrd, who vowed that he would never fight in an integrated armed services noting, "Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds" The same senator Byrd who was a member of the KKK, and who Democratic Sen. Christopher J. Dodd praised only recently.

And then there was Democrat Jesse Jackson who has a history of using anti-Semitic slurs and on a multitude of occasions derogatorily calling New York City “Hymietown.” As well as Al Sharpton, who is a central figure in the Democratic Party today, that fanned the 1991 Crown Heights race riot, where a mob shouting anti-semetic slurs murdered an innocent Jewish man. Sharpton also incited a 1995 protest of a Jewish owned store in Harlem where protesters used several anti-semetic slurs.

And black Chicago politicians are screaming racism today because Democrat Senator Harry Reid was pushing for Gov. Blagojevic to appoint a non-black replacement for President-Elect Barack Obama, in the much-hyped Gov. Blagojevic "how much am I bid for this seat" scandal.

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise now that the Democrats are still embroiled in racist controversy today; and want desperately to make reparations for it by electing Barack Obama. After all, this behavior has followed them from the very beginning.

It was even Barack Obama’s own pastor of over 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who wrote in a church-affiliated magazine (among MANY other things), “In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01. White America and the western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just ‘disappeared’ as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring black concerns.” Or was that just the Democrats?

And then of course there’s James Cone (Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s hero and mentor and theologian of Black Liberation Theology, which Barack Obama himself up until it was deemed politically inadvisable, was a card carrying member of). He said, “Either God must do what we want him to do, or we must reject him.” He goes on to say, “Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community ... Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.”

And to think that millions of Americans refused to vote for the eminently qualified Mitt Romney because his religion is just a little too weird for the rest of us.

But of course, this very long, vile, degenerate, and telling history of the Democrat Party will all be washed away clean on January 20th, 2009 when Barack Obama is elected as our very first black Democratic President. All of the racism, bigotry, profiling, intolerance, prejudice, bias, discrimination, fanaticism, and hate will cease to exist; when they finally take a cue from the Republicans and begin a new era of fairness, tolerance, and open-mindedness.

…. Of course, until Barack Obama's own Vice Presidential pick calls him an, “articulate, bright, clean and a nice looking guy”, again or says something like, “You can’t go into a Dunkin' Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent." Oops! They did it again….
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